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When you change your (health & body) thinking, you change your (health & body) beliefs.

If you think what you've been taught is healthy by the mainstream media is where your learning stops, then don't expect to achieve great illness-free, authentic preventative health because they don't teach proactive health approach, they teach reactive wait til you get sick & then act health approach. Begin to change your thinking to change your belief system about your body and health potential.

When you change your (health & body) beliefs, you change your (health & body) expectations.

Once you begin to expand your thinking, start to also seek out experts in areas of health & body who have shown & continue to show PROVEN ABILITY TO CREATE TRANSFORMATION RESULTS in their own health & body that you would like to emulate. Begin to sponge knowledge from them vs. what mainstream media claims leads to great health results, & you'll in turn raise the bar on what you expect from your own health. You'll see your new mentor/s are just ordinary people too like you, who decided to blaze their own health path about the quality of health they wanted to achieve for their life by taking the road less followed for their own health in life, and YOU CAN TOO - if you follow in their footprints.

When you change your (health & body) expectations, you change your (health & body) attitude.

Each new year, millions of people start out with new hopes, new goals and resolutions to make positive changes in their lives. Some of the most common resolutions are to lose weight, to exercise more, stop smoking and have healthier, more balanced lifestyles.

The problem they most often face is keeping those resolutions through the year.  This website is dedicated to helping you find creative, low-cost ways to meet your goals, stay active and access healthy resources in your community.